Privacy Policy

Due to how absurd of a clusterfuck the GDPR is for small scale personal blogs like the one you’re visiting right now, this website doesn’t store any personal (or anonymized) information of its visitors, nor does it share that non-existant information with any third parties.

Any personal (or anonymized) data that has been collected by this website prior to the GDPR has been deleted. Tracking cookies created on your computer from prior visits to this website might still exist, but as they are not doing anything, you can just delete them.

This website might create cookies on your computer:
When you consent to the use of cookies (by clicking the “Alright!” button in the cookie-consent bar), a cookie will be created that stores the information that you consented. It expires one year after creation.
When downloading something from this website, a temporary cookie will be created for technical reasons. It expires after one minute.

I am not necessarily responsible for linked content, neither am I responsible for republished content from this website on other websites/blogs/vlogs/podcasts/e-mails/instant-messages/whatever without my permission.
This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on Aug.03,2018. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at