Hi there

Well, I finally set up this website again.
Still not sure why — I just felt like it. And being the dork I happen to be, I had nothing better to do around New Year’s Eve than to research what CMS I want to use (or if I want to use one at all) and then choosing colors, fonts, theme, etcetera. I decided to use Amiga Workbench colors, because I like them and I consider them very readible. Might use a Topaz font in the future as well, still not sure about that; I personally think it’s pretty nice for reading text, however I grew up with it so there’s that.
Anyways, I want to post more stuff over here more often. Not really a New Year’s resolution — I just make a lot of stuff and work on a decent chunk on projects, most of which I don’t even present anywhere because I either don’t consider them ‘good enough’ or I stop them midway trough as it’s hard for me to continue things I work on once I consider myself halfway proficient at the skills required to realize whatever project it is I’m working on. Ergo, this might slowly turn into sort of an portfolio; A portfolio of mostly failed and incomplete things, yet a portfolio nonetheless.
Besides that, I also consider myself a writer at heart, in spite of rarely writing nowadays, so this will inevitably lead to me writing more. And yeah, writing blog-posts is not exactly the pinnacle of literature, but it’s still something to learn from; One does still strife for engaging the reader with a blog post, and the fact that you are reading this sentence right now means the effort I put into that strife was good enough indeed.
To put it into someone else’s words:

»We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.«
-Will Durant

I want to make writing a habit as I consider writing the easiest skill in my life to make a habit out of, which might in turn improve my ability to make a habit out of other skills, which might in turn allow me to finish (or at least “conclude”) more projects than currently. My goal is — and this is deliberately set low in order to allow me to post more less important stuff in-between — one meaningful post a week.
Now to be honest, “meaningful” is somewhat of a bogus word, so just so I don’t stretch the meaning of it, let’s define what I do want a meaningful post to be, without overdefining it and imposing arbitrary limits:

All meaningful posts must…

  1. …be original, but not necessarily inherently original.
    Original means I can’t just post prior work or projects; Not inherently original means I can post prior work or projects if I add commentary or proper context.
  2. …contain words.
    E.g.: A pure image post is not okay, unless the image itself contains a meaningful post.
  3. …be chequered.
    Posting similar content in consecutive weeks is not okay. E.g.: If this week’s post is about project X, next week’s can’t be about project X, but the one in the week after that can. This doesn’t mean that I can’t make posts about the same topic multiple times in a two-week timeframe. It just means those posts don’t count as meaningful posts.

This post doesn’t count as this weeks meaningful post though. Well, I finally set up this website again…
/meaningful post: zero